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PD Extinguishers
Hall Trophy Rally

Sat 23rd Nov 2019

Photo courtesy of Redman Photographic (c)

We welcome PD Extinguishers as title sponsor of the 2019 Hall Trophy Rally - approx. 40 stages miles of smooth tarmac at Blyton Park Driving Centre.

Entries open now!


The Clitheronian Rally 2019
Sat/Sun 21st/22nd Sept 2019
Sponsored by

Photo courtesy of Chris Ellison (c)

Final Results available now...

1st Car 5 Ben Briant / Gary Evans Ford Escort 4:37
2nd Car 4 James Ford / Ryan Griffiths Ford Escort RS2000 6:36
3rd Car 11 Ryan Swain/ Jamie Mills Ford Fiesta 9:11

In aid of

I would just like to say a massive thank you to a small but dedicated team for all the hard work on this year's Clitheronian.

Matt Broadbent (Chief Marshal). Great job.
To Taybridge Construction for their continued support.
Chris, Heidi and Steve on the results.
Jez Turner and Mark Johnson on set up. Faultless as always.
Dave Barratt and Mick Conboy. Course closing car.
Steve L and Andrew bringing up the rear as mop up crew.

I would also like to thank all the Marshals for giving us your valuable time. Without whom we could not do what we do.

To the competitors both new and old to the Clitheronian for showing your support to the event. I hope you all enjoyed it regardless of how your night went?

Well done to Ben Briant and Gary Evens on a well deserved win. A nice touch from Gary at the end "This one is special. As we have been trying for few years to win the Clitheronian".

Ben on his first win. It must be particularly pleasing to have the Briant name back on top again.

Commiserations to those who just missed out and hope to see you all again next year.

Paul Buckel - Clerk of Course

Burnt House Car Trial
Sun 30th June 2019

CDMC's next event is the Burnt House Car Trial on Sunday 30th June.

The event is a round of the ANCC Car Trial Challenge and the SD34MSG Non-Race/Rally Championship.

Results available soon!

Evening Autotest & PCA
Tues 21st May 2019

All forwards Autotest and PCA (Production Car Autotest) at Bentham Business Park, courtesy of Tony Harrison.

Intended as a fun introduction to Autotests and AutoSolos. Test routes will be numbered in similar way to local AutoSolos.


Legend Fires North West Stages thankyous...
Sat 23rd March

I want to say a massive thank you to all of the marshals and officials that made the Nicky Nook stage a possibility today. I think it's fair to say it's been a pretty steep learning curve for all those involved, but we ended up with a stage to be proud of.... Read Matt's full thankyou on CDMC Facebook page.

Matthew Broadbent – Deputy Stage Commander

...I just want to thank you all for your magnificent efforts on Saturday, to marshal the Nicky Nook stage, which had the bulk of the 1,000s of spectators that attended the event, as only one other stage had a single viewing area. I know that it is an old adage but without marshals, there simply would not be any rallying and I haven't had one single complaint reported to me... Read Ken's full thankyou on CDMC Facebook page.

Ken Wilkinson - Nicky Nook Chief Marshal

...Then we have over 650 volunteers who worked on the day, not just out on the stages but in the back rooms as well, Safety Team, Radio, Rescue, Results, Set-up teams, Timing, Marshals, Commentators, Car park staff, programme sellers, etc... Read Dave's full thankyou on LFNWS Facebook page.

Dave Read - Rally Director

Primrose Trophy Cancellation...

Primrose Trophy Navigational Rally 2019
Sat/Sun 27/28th April

It is with regret that I have to announce the cancellation of the Primrose Trophy Navigational Rally 2019.

Circumstances have been transpiring against us this year, but a fairly serious injury to one of our key organising team members has forced me to make a final decision... more...

May I wish Moz all the best in this, and I hope to see you all out in the lanes again soon.

Matthew Broadbent – Clerk of the Course

Jack Neal Memorial Rally 2019
Sat 9th Feb 2019

Big thank you to everybody who made the Jack Neal Memorial Rally 2019 a success.

Cones have now all been wrestled back into position ready for November. Although it was a tad breezy, the rain stayed away thankfully which made it slightly more bearable.

A great slick event that has been well received from all areas. Thank you to the two Barbados crews who travelled all the way over to compete and gave us all big smiles all day.

Congratulations to the winner Steve Simpson and Dave Jackson in the red Subaru, it was close to the very end by taking the win by only 1 second after taking 2 seconds out of John Marshal on the final stage.

Well done to all the award winners.

Heidi Woodcock - CDMC Hon. Secretary

Congratulations to 2019 winners Steve Simpson and Dave Jackson. Steve is pictured receiving their awards from Clerk of Course Chris Woodcock.

Results online now...

1st Car 3 Steve Simpson / Dave Jackson Subaru Impreza 40:49
2nd Car 7 John Marshall / Scott Crawford Subaru Impreza 40:50
3rd Car 1 Tom Morris / Colin Harkness Skoda Fabia S2500 41:25

MEM Malton Forest Rally 2018
In Association with SORT Oils
Sun 4th Nov 2018

Once again the event is run in conjunction with Clitheroe & District Motor Club and supported by Chris Mellors & SORT Oils. This will be the 21st year that MEM and the Mellors have supported the event, for which we are extremely grateful.


Primrose Trophy Navigational Rally 2018
Sat/Sun 24/25th March

©Chris Ellison Photo

Congratulations to 2018 winners Richard Hunter & Gary Evans

On behalf of all the organising team and Clitheroe & District Motor Club, I want to wholeheartedly thank all of the marshals that made Saturday night's Primrose Trophy Navigational Rally possible.

After a small shortfall in numbers, I was truly amazed at the willingness of crews to go the extra mile and help us out when we needed it most.

Without you guys and gals, there would be no rally.

Thank you.

Matthew Broadbent – Clerk of the Course

Final Results available now...

Myerscough Autotest, PCA & Taster
Sun 11th June 2017
A great day at Myerscough College Open Day. Lots of competitors and we put on a great show! Big thank you to everyone who turned up to help. Lots of passenger rides given, so thank you as it's not easy having strangers next to you.


50 Years of Motorsport in the Ribble Valley

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